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Richland Electric Cooperative provides electric service to members in Richland County and parts of Crawford, Sauk and Vernon counties. Richland Electric Cooperative also provide Exede satellite Internet service, dial-up Internet service and First Call emergency response telephone service to members and area residents of the greater Richland County area.

We are organized as a cooperative and as such we are not just an ordinary business. We are a business owned by our member-consumers. We provide service to over 3,500 members in and around Richland County, Wisconsin. In order to receive electric service from REC you must be a member of the cooperative. You also have a voice in how our cooperative is operated. You are represented by a Board of Directors that are members of the cooperative. Each year you have the opportunity to vote for your choice of director or, if you desire, run for the position yourself. Director elections are held each year at our Annual Meeting held in March. There are nine directors on the REC Board and three are up for election each year.

Outage Texting, Now Available!    

November 5, 2015, we deployed a new service to the membership, the ability to TEXT an electrical outage to us. The service will provide an alternative to calling us in an outage situation. "The new service is faster and just as accurate as a phone call, states Cooperative CEO and General Manager Shannon Clark. "Almost 60% of Americans currently text. The percentage of our membership might be slightly less than that but that percentage is increasing. For those who prefer to text, this new service is the perfect solution. 

If you would like to know more or would like to sign up please CLICK HERE 

Facility Charge Change
Implementation in October Billings

During the Richland Electric Cooperative Annual Meeting held last April, members were notified of a change in the facility charge that would take place this year. Two changes were announced: the cooperative would charge on a daily basis and the rate would increase by approximately ten cents per day.
The change was delayed while the cooperatives billing software was modified to present daily charges. 

Effective with the October billing, for services rendered in September, these changes will be implemented. The daily charge will be $1.05 per day for most members instead of the $28.25 per month. Based on a 30 day billing cycle the rate will represent a $3.00 per month increase, in those months of 31 days the increase will represent a $4.05 per month. 

For an average residential or residential/farm member (average consumption is 1067 Kwh per month) the increase in facility charge will represent about 1.7% increase in the overall energy billing. 

This change is necessary to cover the increasing cost of fixed charges (the costs the cooperative incurs regardless of the amount of energy sold). Such items include right-of-way maintenance such as vegetation management, depreciation, debt service, and other items. Through sound cost management the cooperative has been able to avoid increases in any charges since 2012.Rate classes other than residential or residential/farm will also notice the change from monthly to daily facility charges and an increase in facility charge rates of approximately ten percent depending on the type of service. For the exact amount of charge to these other rate classes please contact our office for a full rate schedule. These classes include large and small commercial, industrial, public authority and others. 


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