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Richland Electric Cooperative provides electric service to members in Richland County and parts of Crawford, Sauk and Vernon counties. Richland Electric Cooperative also provide Exede by ViaSat satellite Internet service, dial-up Internet service and First Call emergency response telephone service to members and area residents of the greater Richland County area.

We are organized as a cooperative and as such we are not  just an ordinary business. We are a business owned by our member-consumers. We provide service to over 3,500 members in and around Richland County, Wisconsin. In order to receive electric service from REC you must be a member of the cooperative. You also have a voice in how our cooperative is operated. You are represented by a Board of Directors that are members of the cooperative. Each year you have the opportunity to vote for your choice of director or, if you desire, run for the position yourself. Director elections are held each year at our Annual Meeting held in March. There are nine directors on the REC Board and three are up for election each year.

Notice of Rate Increase
Effective August 1, 2019

Effective August 1, 2019 Richland Electric Cooperative (REC) will increase the Basic Service Charge on rate classes including but not limited to, Residential/Farm, Seasonal, Farm/Residential, Small Commercial, Public Authority, and other rate classes.

For rate classes presently at $1.09 per day that rate will increase from $1.09 per day to $1.16 per day, for a total increase of $2.10 per 30 days. For rate classes presently at $1.13 per day that rate will increase from $1.13 per day to $1.20 per day, for a total increase of $2.10 per 30 days. This increase is necessary to cover the increasing cost of providing service regardless of the amount of energy used. The Basic Service Charge is designed to help recover a portion of the cost of making electric service available even if the member does not use energy in a particular period. Costs recovered in the Basic Service Charge include right-of-way maintenance, basic equipment maintenance, certain administrative costs such as billing and postage, outage response and repair, system monitoring, public safety requirements, and other items not related to energy usage.

“The fixed costs we incur each month to keep electricity available for members continue to increase, particularly in the areas of materials and contractor services,” said REC CEO & General Manager. “We have implemented efficiency improvements over the past couple of years including new technology to avoid increasing rates, and while those have helped they have not entirely eliminated the need to raise the Basic Service Charge.”

For the average member in these rate classes the increase will represent an increase in their total bill of approximately 1.3% but members with little or no electric usage it could be as much as 6.6%. It will not exceed an increase of $2.10 per 30-day period.

The Richland Electric Cooperative Board of Directors reviewed and approved the increase during approval of the 2019 Budget last year but requested the increase become effective August 1st and that it be re-evaluated prior to the actual implementation in order to examine year-to-date financials at that time. During their June 2019 meeting they re-evaluated the need and concluded, based on the lower than expected sales and increased costs so far this year, the increase was necessary and authorized its implementation effective August 1, 2019. The board will further consider other increases that may be necessary later this year.

Notice of Forfeiture of Funds Held By Richland Electric Cooperative Unless Claimed by Owner

Pursuant to Wisconsin Statures Section 185.03(10), you are hereby notified that Richland Electric Cooperative, of Richland Center, Wisconsin 53581, has in its possession unclaimed funds. If your name is on this list, you may claim these funds by contacting the Cooperative and furnishing proof of your legal interest in such funds on or before September 1, 2019.  You are further notified that unless you do claim such funds and provide satisfactory evidence of your right to receive the same by September 1, 2019, these funds will be forfeited to the Cooperative.

Published this 5th day of May, 2019.

Capital Credit List 2019

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