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Richland Electric Cooperative Community Solar Subscription Agreement & Transition Energy Solar Subscription Eligibility Worksheet

If you would like to view or subscription agreement and application please click the link below. Please return these completed sheets to the REC offices with your deposit.

Community Solar Subscription Agreement & Eligibility Worksheet






Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price per panel subscription? $699
How much energy will each panel produce? We estimate that in a normal year each panel will produce around 475 kilowatt hours but that is not guaranteed. It will depend on the amount of sunshine we have in a given year.
How many panel subscriptions can I buy? We would like as many members as possible to have the opportunity to participate in this program but we have a limited number of solar panels, therefore during the initial offering members can buy the lesser A) 10 panel subscriptions or B) 50% of their annual consumption. (Example: Member uses 4750 kwh per year they can buy expected production of 2375 kwh/475 = 5 panel subscriptions)
Will there be an opportunity to buy more panel subscriptions in the future? Maybe, it depends on the subscription rate of our initial offering.
How many panels will Ash-Ridge community solar array produce? Approximately 188,000 kilowatt hours a year. This amount can vary based on the available sunshine in any year. 
How much energy will the Dairyland Ash-Ridge array produce? Between 900,000 and a million kilowatt hours. This is enough electricity to power over 80 average homes in Richland service area.
When will the Ash-Ridge project be complete? No later than the end of the 2016 but construction may be completed as early as July.

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