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Aussie Electric Grills

Richland Electric Cooperative is your local supplier for MECO electric grills and smokers. Barbecued food tastes great when cooked on an electric grill. From your favorite meats to your favorite vegetables, an electric grill is safe and easy to use while giving you that great outdoor barbecue flavor you love. Just turn on the thermostat and grill away!

Electric grills can often be used where gas or charcoal grills are banned due to safety and fire codes. Electric grills also cost less per cookout to operate than gas or charcoal grills and there are no dangerous starter fluid or gas tanks to worry about.

Please contact the office for current grill pricing.

See all Aussie Electric Grills to learn more!(link is external)

Electric Water Heaters

Is it time to replace your old water heater? Invest in an energy efficient electric water heater available from Richland Electric Cooperative. We currently stock two brands of electric water heaters, A.O. Smith and Marathon. Both electric water heaters surround the entire water heater with foam insulation to minimize heat loss.
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