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Dual Fuel Program

The Dual Fuel program of Richland Electric Cooperative can help you take advantage of using safe, clean and reliable electric heat. Program participants receive a special low cost rate for using electric heat, currently only 6.8 cents per kilowatt-hour in the winter and 10 cents per kilowatt-hour in the summer, a savings of about 45% off the regular electric rate. Users of natural gas, L.P. gas and fuel oil know how the price of those fuels can increase significantly, especially when coler weather increases demand throughout the country. One of the ways to help lower your energy bills, increase your comfort and protect yourself against volatile fossil fuel pricesis by joining the Dual Fuel Program.


The Dual Fuel program combines a primarty electric heat system and a secondary heat source such as L.P. gas, fuel oil or electric thermal storage (ETS) heating. That's right, you can even have an all-electrci Dual Fuel home.

Plenum Heater


As part of the program, the electric heat must be metered separate from your general electric service and can be either parallel or sub-metered. Only electric heat is allowed on the Dual Fuel meter and the co-op must be allowed to shut off the electric heat during co-op "peak hours," when the demand for electricity is highest or during a system emergency. The "peak hours" for the Dual Fuel program generally occur on the coldest days of winter. There are many options to choose from when installing electric heat. Electric plenum heaters can be installed in the hot air plenum of most forced air furnace systems. They use the thermostat and blower of the existing furnace to convert to the Dual Fuel program.

Electric thermal storage (ETS) furnaces or heaters allow you to have an all-electric Dual Fuel home. They store heat in bricks during "off-peak" hours and release the heat as needed in the home. YOu can choose from individual room units, which work extremely well when combined with electric baseboard heaters or you can have a whole - house furnace ETS system. 

 Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) unit


Electric boilers can be used for in-floor or radiant heating systems. They are excellent choices for basement floors, garages and workshops. Choose from a full sized boiler system or a compact mini-boiler designed for smaller areas. 



Air source heat pumps and ground source heat pumps are the most efficient heating and cooling systems on the market today. In addition to providing high efficient air conditioning in the summer, heat pumps also provide high efficent heating in the winter. Heat pumps also qualify for the REC summer Dual Fuel rate, increasing your energy savings year around. 

Ground Source Heat Pump


Electric baseboard heaters are still an excellent option for many homes or businesses. They give you individual room temperature control and comfort and can help reduce energy costs by allowing you to keep temperatures lower in unoccupied rooms. Cove heaters can be installed a the top of the ceiling above windows and furniture so you can beter utilize floor space while still enjoying the comfort of the radiant heat they provide. 


E-mail us at, call us at (608) 647-3173 or stop in our office with any questions you may have about using safe, clean and affordable electric heat and the Dual Fuel program.


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